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Healthcare Compliance Solutions

At Cora BHS, we provide healthcare compliance solutions and consulting services to the behavioral healthcare industry, helping our clients understand and meet their responsibilities as healthcare providers, understand the regulatory landscape in which they operate, and develop strategies to ensure they are meeting those requirements.

Here are some of the ways our healthcare compliance solutions can help:

healthcare licensing

Healthcare Licensing

Cora Behavioral Health Solutions can help your behavioral health organization get licensed. We can help you understand the process for becoming licensed in your state and provide you with a roadmap for successfully meeting licensing requirements. Our team has been involved with many behavioral health organizations across the country, so we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting licensed.

healthcare licensing

Accreditation (CARF, JCAHO, ACHC)

Accreditation means that an outside agency has reviewed your organization and given it approval to operate in a way that meets specific standards. In the behavioral health field, this is particularly important because it provides a way for people to know that they are receiving quality care from qualified professionals. Some states, such as Maryland, even require accreditation for behavioral health programs before they open. Cora Behavioral Health Solutions can help you get accredited with either CARF, JCAHO or ACHC through our comprehensive accreditation services.

healthcare regulations

Healthcare Regulations

Cora Behavioral Health Solutions is here to help you navigate the complex world of behavioral healthcare regulations. We provide comprehensive compliance services to ensure your practice is in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Our goal is to help you operate your behavioral health business without worrying about getting penalized by the government.

healthcare regulations

Policies and Procedures

Cora Behavioral Health Solutions is dedicated to helping you stay in compliance with the meaningful agencies that keep your business operating and accredited. Knowing that standards and regulations are constantly changing, we will periodically review and update policies and procedures to make sure they meet the most recent standard and regulatory requirements. If your organization doesn’t have a policies and procedures manual, we can also provide one that meets the needs of your organization.


As part of our healthcare compliance solutions, we can perform audits to make sure you’re on track. This includes medical records and patient charts, medical billing, insurance, human resources and staffing, accreditation and licensing audits. Our team can audit one part of your business or do a full in depth business audit. We’ll also provide you with an audit report which will outline how well your organization is doing in meeting the requirements of each standard. The report will contain information about any areas where your organization needs improvement and suggestions for how you can achieve compliance faster and more effectively. Since Cora Behavioral Health Solutions is a full service provider, we are also able to address many of the areas with our in-house teams.

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