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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Our revenue cycle management solutions are an important part of running an organization while maintaining revenue. We work with behavioral health organizations across the country to help them maximize profits and improve the revenue cycle management process.

Here are some of the ways our revenue cycle management solutions can help:

Billing & Claims Process Management

We provide responsive, dependable, and personal revenue cycle management solutions to our clients through electronic claims submission that accurately reflects the true value of their insurance policy. Our automated claims system is designed to increase efficiency, reduce processing time and identify potential problems before they arise. We’ll also keep you informed of all new laws and regulations that affect your business.

revenue cycle management solutions
revenue cycle management solutions

Comprehensive Claim Follow Up

Our knowledgeable team follows up with payers to reduce denials and negotiate on your behalf. This includes pre-bill audits, follow-up on unpaid claims until adjudication, denial resolution,  appeals and much more.

Utilization Review

Our utilization review team is made up of industry veterans who know how to advocate for your patients’ best interests and ensure that their stays are as long as possible, which helps your bottom line in the long run. Let our RCM solutions take over your utilization review process so you can experience a greater amount of authorized services and ultimately higher revenue for providers.

RCM Solutions

Verification of Benefits

Cora BHS’ team of verification professionals is experienced in the verification process and strives to produce the most accurate verifications with a quick turnaround. This empowers our clients to make informed admission decisions and enables them to maximize their collections for services provided.

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