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At Cora Behavioral Health Solutions, we know how difficult it can be to get in-network contracts with insurance carriers. our credentialing solutions help make that process easier for you by handling the contracting process on your behalf. 

Here are some of the ways our credentialing solutions can help your practice:

Commercial Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid

One of the best ways to grow your behavioral health organization and increase your revenue is to get contracted with insurance carriers. Not only will it allow you to get listed on the carriers’ list and receive more billable patients, but it can also ensure you’ll get paid for your services. Our credentialing solutions can also help you determine what behavioral health services you may or may not be eligible to get contracted for. We’re here to help you get in-network with commercial insurance, Medicaid and Medicare so you can accept more patients.

credentialing solutions
health insurance verification

Credentialing Solutions & Verification

At Cora Behavioral Health Solutions, we will verify your credentials with the health plan’s credentialing department in order to expedite reimbursement. This can also ensure that a provider has the appropriate level of licensure, certification or experience to bill for services. Our team will submit all necessary information and follow up on any specific requirements.

Rate Negotiations

After you get in-network with your preferred insurers, we can also help you negotiate reimbursement rates. The longer you’re in network with a plan, the more leverage you have to increase your reimbursement rates. Cora BHS’ experts’ main focus is to increase your bottom line, so we will go out of our way to make sure you’re getting paid the money you deserve for your top-notch care.

credentialing solutions
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